35mm film and DVD, 12 min, colour, 5,1 audio. 2005
Blissed focuses on the interaction between four young people and how they relate to themselves and to their environment. Set in a contemporary European city that is more or less a continuous commercial zone, the characters in Blissed narrate their relation to the city in monologues but engage in conversations about how they relate to each other, in oblivion to their environment.

Blissed explores the modes of narrative film, economy and interactions to do with place and space, utilising the thematics of friendship. The film emphasizes spatial and architectural placement and manner of language rather than a linear story. Following a highly visual process, the four main characters negotiate each other and their material and social environment, in scenes that are partly structured by architecture and partly structured by language interaction.

Blissed was produced by Kunsthalle Bern, Objectif Exhibitions, and FRAC Bourgogne with support from NBK vederlagsfondet, Oslo and the Norwegian Embassy in London. In the collection of Kunsthalle Bern and FRAC Bourgogne.

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